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2014, Beyond Hearing Aids
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Inline Telephone Amplifiers Allow You To Keep the Features of Your Work Phone

Inline phone amplifiers fit in between the handset and base of a corded phone. They work on almost all work phones and some home telephones. They do not work on princess phones or any phone with the dial pad in the handset.

Look for a model that comes with an a/c adapter if you want to eliminate the hassle and worry of keeping batteries on hand. You can choose amplifiers for mild to moderate loss or amplifiers for more severe hearing loss. A few models include the ability to add a headset. 


Telephones-Amplifiers Product Listing
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Serene Innovations UA-45 Universal Inline Phone Amplifier
Inline phone amplifier with up to 45dB volume gain.

Item No. HC-UA45 -  $39.95

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UA45 & UA50 AC Adapter
Power supply for Serene Innovations UA45& UA50 inline phone amplifiers

Item No. HC-UA/ADAPT -  $14.95

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Serene Innovations UA30 Portable Phone Amplifier
Serene Innovations portable amplifier up to 30dB gain.

Item No. HC-UA30 -  $29.95

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Portable Phone Amplifier
Portable strap on phone amplifier

Item No. HC-PA -  $19.95

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Ameriphone HA40 Amplifier
A portable inline amplifier perfect for work or home

Item No. AMER-HA40 -  $34.95

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Clarity Inline Amplifier
An amplifier for almost any office phone

Item No. WE-W10 -  $35.95

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Clearsounds QH2 Bluetooth Hub
Clearsounds QH2 Bluetooth hub/phone amplifier and handset lifter

Item No. HC-QH2 -  $214.95

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Serene Innovations UA50 Phone Handset/Headset Amplifier
Inline phone amplifier fits between the handset and base of the phone.

Item No. HC-UA50 -  $79.95

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Speech Adjust-a-Tone Amplifier
Amplifier works like a stereo equalizer

Item No. HC-1693 -  $153.00

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ClearSounds IL95 UltraClear Portable Phone Amplifier
Battery operated, inline phone amplifier.

Item No. HC-WIL95 -  $34.95

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Handset Line Splitter
Handset line splitter

Item No. HC-CSYJACK -  $9.95

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Amplified WS-2749 XL Series Handset by Clarity
The WS-2749 handset increases the outgoing speech up to 26dB gain.

Item No. CL-WS-2749 -  $44.00

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Showing Items 1-12 of 12 Items