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Thinklabs DS32a Electronic Stethoscope

Thinklabs DS32a Electronic Stethoscope

 This item is currently unavailable.                                                                                                                  The ds32a is a diagnostic electronic stethoscope with unsurpassed natural sound quality from Thinklabs.
User-friendly design and 100X Amplification provides the power to adjust for faint heart sounds, obese patients, or noisy environments. From BP to ED to ICU, from heart and lung exams to iPod recording, the ds32a does it all.

Acoustic Mode - electronically provides the sound of a conventional stethoscope without the losses of air tubing. Provides a painless transition from old stethoscope technology - just click to Acoustic mode, and listen to a crystal-clear version of a conventional stethoscope.

Bell/Diaphragm Modes - provides frequency response for cardiac (low frequency murmurs, S3, S4) and pulmonary (higher frequency) examination. Instantaneous electronic switching without removing and flipping the chestpiece.

Ambient Noise Rejection, 2nd-Generation (ANR2) - Activate noise rejection in high-noise environments, or deactivate in quiet office settings. Adapts to your work environment so you're not compromising your physical exams.

Mute - When patients chat, cough, or cry, simply mute the sound until you're ready to listen. An example of the attention to detail that makes the ds32a stand out.

Long Battery Life - 2xAAA batteries provide many months of use. A low battery warning provides battery life warning well ahead of time.

Audio Input/Output - Connect your stethoscope to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, Digital Audio Recorder or notebook computer for recording and listen to heart sounds on your stethoscope, for accurate audio reproduction. Interfaces with ease to existing audio equipment. Use free software for data visualization. Cables included.

Stethoscope App for iPad, iPhone / Touch - NEW! Record sounds and display phonocardiongrams or lung sounds live on the iPhone or iPod Touch using Thinklabs new Stethoscope App. The App enables you to capture sounds at the bedside, display the waveforms and spectrograms, save the files, and email recordings. The perfect bedside teaching or EMR information capture tool. Uses Apple's multi-touch interface to create an amazingly user-friendly system. (Requires Belkin TuneTalk to connect ds32a to your iPhone/Touch.) Works with iPads, iPhone 3G, 3GS. This is an optional accessory.

Warranty 1 year

Item No. HC-TL/STETH1 - $229.00

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